Charles Kennedy Grave

Elizabethtown, NM ----- This is a gory tale. Elizabethtown is now a ghost town in NE New Mexico. It sprang to life in the 1860's when gold was discovered nearby and within a few years could claim 5,000 people. Anyhow, Charles Kennedy owned a house on the road between Elizabethtown and Taos. Travelers would stop for a meal and a bed. Some were never heard from again, perhaps as many as fourteen. At one point he beat his wife and put her in the basement, but because of his drunkenness she escaped and reported him to authorities. He was scheduled to be tried, but rumor had it that his lawyer was going to buy his way to freedom. So a mob gathered, took him from the jail, hung him, and dragged his body through town. He was not allowed to be buried in the town's Catholic cemetery. It's doubtful, thought, that this wooden grave marker is original. I would have expected more deterioration.