Anegada Iguana: Reimagined

Anegada, British Virgin Islands ----- I know something about this creature. The Anegada Iguana is an endangered species. At one point not long ago, there were only 300 of them in the world, all on the island of Anegada in the British Virgin Islands. They have been threatened by factors such as: development which reduces safe territory; competition for quality food with feral cows, donkeys, and sheep; threats to offspring by feral cats, in particular; and the inability of females to reproduce because of insufficient diet. The good news is that the San Diego and Fort Worth Zoos have taken an interest and, about fifteen years ago, began a "headstart" program on Anegada where nesting females were protected, their hatched offspring collected, and then caged at a facility on the island until they were large enough and healthy enough to survive predation. Then they were released back into the wild, usually on Middle Key. This photo, taken October 1, 2007, is one of the survivors found on Middle Key which can only be reached by walking through a lake. I believe it to be an adult female.