Asis Inspiration # 2

This week Reggie is “off” and she wrote this comment for the seven photos in the “Asis Inspiration” series. I will add some comments of my own. (GB)

Ranchos de Taos, NM
Every year in early June, parishioners of the San Francis de Assisi Church in Ranchos de Taos come together with volunteers from all over to replaster their beloved church. It is a sacred labor of love, preserving in the old way the structure of the center of their community. Yes, it is one of the most famous churches in America — visited and painted, photographed by the great artists in northern New Mexico. But it is also the spiritual center for generations of area Catholics for 200 years. For more info about the remudding, watch this short video at the link below. — RM —

I did this series of photographs one evening while the remudding was going on in June 2010. The area was cordoned off all day, but as folks left for the evening it was possible to get close and to photograph from any angle. I was interested here in the shadows and light in this “Big K.” (GB)