George Brown … a retired guy with a CoolPix 4500 gathering dust (both the camera and the photographer) who in January 2007 shook off the dust and retrieved the gizmo from an upper shelf and clicked the shutter a few times. For the first time in my life I felt I was creating something with a camera. Now I’m hooked and trying to find my inner muse.

With dizzying passion I bought and read books, signed up for courses, and single-handedly supported Hewlett Packard’s ink and paper business. It has been a non-stop whirl of photo-immersion ever since.

I’ve taken the leap to a more up-to-date camera, a Nikon D-80.

In my working life I was a family therapist. Though you might imagine that particular profession would have allowed me to see deeply into other people’s lives, the reality is that I only could ever view a tiny fragment of folks in interaction with one another. (Perhaps just a 50-minute hour a week!) From those little bits I tried to imagine a much broader picture of the dynamic of their lives together. Likewise, at this point the most satisfying images for me capture an essence, a small shard, and ask the viewer to bring his or her own experiences and imagination to complete the scene. It’s my hope that you find this endeavor interesting, challenging, stimulating, pleasant and fun.

So, however it is that you’ve come to this photoblog, I appreciate your interest. “Publishing” a photo a day keeps me motivated and enthused. Your comments here will, I’m sure, be helpful in guiding my efforts, keeping me focused so to speak, as I travel about daily looking to find ways to hone my eye, to practice new skills, and to polish old ones. And with a little luck, I’ll repay your interest with photos that bring you some joy.

Finally, I’m grateful to the folks at Crealdé School of Art in Winter Park, Florida, who are trying hard to teach me all that they know. In particular I thank Bob Lerner and Rick Lang, but also my fellow students whose work continues to amaze me. I can only hope that one day I’ll be as good at this art as they all are. And I thank Jan Schlünzen for his assistance with the website as well as his incredibly valuable observations about my photography.



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